How to setup automatic import of Bank transactions into YNAB from Unsupported banks via Phone notifications

In this post I present a way to import bank transactions from unsupported banks into YNAB using their new API. This solution also provides a workaround to get transactions from supported banks into YNAB without disclosing your banking login details to third parties (which you should never do).

How to create an Eclipse/Sloeber IDE project template

Setting up Eclipse projects for tasks such as unit testing and hardware debugging is very time consuming due to the fact there are a million different possible ways to configure a project. Online tutorials get out of date quickly due to software updates in libaries, compilers, builds tools, Arduino board platforms and so on.

Home Automation IOT RF 433MHz Hardware Review

Home Automation IOT RF 433MHz Hardware Review

One subsystem in my home automation setup is a Raspberry Pi 3 with RF receiver module and a dockerised Python script that reads in signals and converts them to messages sent to a message broker and consumed by the rest of home automation system. In this post I want to make some recommendations for useful RF devices that are not only affordable but also improve your home automation system by creating new automation opportunities.