Don't Break the Chain - Important Tip

Having the motiviation to stick to your goals and achieve them can be difficult. It is for me and my gym schedule. To help overcome this issue I gave the “Don’t break the chain” methodology a try whereby you mark off consecutive days on which you accomplished a certain task with a red permanent marker on your calendar.

It’s simple enough, after a few days you start building a mini-chain and the longer you stick to your daily tasks, the longer your chain becomes. This chain of crosses is supposed to create pressure to motivate you to keep up whatever good habit you set out to do.

There’s one problem, though, as I figured out. As a human being with a life and stuff… red crosses on a calendar generally don’t carry enough meaning to make you get off your fat ass and into the gym.

The mistake, as it turns out, was that I would cross off each day I’d work out on the calendar, meaning all it took to achieve one cross is a 45 minute gym session. It was almost too easy.

With my new workout plan and schedule, I cross off workout weeks (rather than days), meaning I don’t get to put that red cross down until I completed all 3 workout sessions for that week!

I gotta admit, it really kicks your ass when you feel like skipping but you finished 2 out of 3 workouts and not completing the third session would mean a gap in the chaingasp!

So yeah, this small change added a ton of significance to the red crosses I put down and its kept me at it for the past 6 weeks.

That’s six weeks down, another nine to go!