Maven filters stopped working/How to handle ENV properties in Maven Builds

I just finished implementing environment specific profiles in my maven project, which works great. After some time it stopped working. WTF.

The reason for that is because I made the project a Spring Boot project by adding the spring-boot-starter-parent to my POM file.

Normally you access filter variables using the ${variable} syntax in .properties files. But, as it turns out (see box):

If you are using Spring Boot, you have to use @variable@ instead! Source

Here is the documentation page.

Took me a few hours to figure out. As soon as I changed the references in, all my file logging and stuff started working again.

How to handle environment specific properties during maven build

Filters are a really bad way of managing environment specific configuraton. Programmers have a tendency, when, given a hammer, to use that hammer for everything, including china vase repairs.

A colleague at work pointed this out to me.

He suggested the better alternative is to create config modules in maven. These contain all the property files for a specific environment. Then use maven profiles to reference only the desired set of property files at build time using a -Pstaging flag on the mvn package command.