How to configure FTP storage location on Amcrest IP Camera

I had some trouble getting this to work because there are defects in the firmware. This post explains briefly how to get FTP working.

  1. Go to Setup > Storage > Destinations > FTP tab
  2. Enter the details shown below
  3. Click on test
  4. “FTP server test failure, list right loss.” means it is successful, observe the test folder getting created in your FTP share.
  5. Reboot the camera manually. System > Auto Maintain > Manual Reboot
  6. After reboot, go back to Storage > Destination and enable FTP. You should see the camera data directory is getting created in your FTPshare.

Labelled code block

Port: 21
usenrame: your fto username
password: your ftp password
Directory: /mnt/Kingston/amcrest

Note about directory; I found i had to set this to the same path my FTP server is configured. On ProFTP I created a user amcrest using gadmin-proftpd (a GUI tool for configuring ProFTPd.).

Showing ProFTP User configuration and permissions