Home Automation IOT RF 433MHz Hardware Review

Home Automation IOT RF 433MHz Hardware Review

One subsystem in my home automation setup is a Raspberry Pi 3 with RF receiver module and a dockerised Python script that reads in signals and converts them to messages sent to a message broker and consumed by the rest of home automation system. In this post I want to make some recommendations for useful RF devices that are not only affordable but also improve your home automation system by creating new automation opportunities.

.NET Method Markers

These are some notes on method markers I found in my old blog posts. Sharing here in case someone benefits from this information.

Home Automation: Priority Locks

As a home automation set up grows in size and complexity, there are certain issues that manifest themselves. The problem of lighting has been discussed on this blog in various places; not only because it serves as a great example but also because it is a surprisingly complex problem to solve from a software architecture and implementation point of view. Many of it’s intricacies can be applied to other aspects of home automations beyond the scope of lighting.