Carrierwave Uploads to Google Cloud Storage

I always liked the way carrierwave encapsulates all file uploading functionality in an uploader class. This is particularly useful for image uploads as carrierwave is able to preprocess images and create thumbnails automatically. In this post I will go through the steps you have to perform to be able to upload images to Google Cloud Storage using the Carrierwave gem while also processing the uploaded files and generating thumbnails for them.

Software Requirements: Verification vs Validation

The software requirements specification document is a written contract between the developer and client which explains the application domain and the system to be developed. This specification document is the bridge between the application domain and the machine domain, and it is thereful used as a baseline for evaluating the software.Making sure that these specifications are correct and complete is essential to building successful software.

Network Adapter Settings for Maximizing throughput

Advanced ethernet adapter driver settings are extremely configurable finding sensible values can be tricky without testing the connection. This post explains what each setting means and lists recommended values that will maximise your home network’s throughput and minimise CPU overhead (based on my own experience.) A maximum transfer rate of 114Mb/s was achieved with these settings on a 1 Gigabit connection.

Thoughts on Noah - Scream

It’s no secret that watching TV and getting completely involved in fictional universes is one of my favourite activities. Fiction is awesome. Book and script writers are very powerful people in the sense that they define what an entire fictional universe is about. I started watching Scream today which first aired in June last year. The show is a TV series version of the slasher movies of the same name released in 1996.