Check out my Github page for all projects I have made available for the community - all of them meticulously crafted and versioned.

Entity ControllerIntelligent entity controller for Home Assistant for controlling devices with timers, overrides, scripts, custom service parameters and sun-based time restrictions.
mqtt_payload_processorCustom Home Assistant component that converts MQTT message payloads to events and callback functions for consumption in automations. Can be used to assign schedule-based actions to remote controls or button wall panels.
rf-gatewaySimple RF receive and send Docker images that translate MQTT to RF and vice versa for use in Home Assistant
Temperature AlertReceive a reminder to open windows when outside temperatures dip below the temperature inside your house. (useful in hot climates)
ha-api-toolAngularJS App for discovering Home Assistant Entitities, Events, States and attributes.
mqtt-audio-buzzer-rpiSimple Docker Image that turns a Raspberry Pi into a simple MQTT-controllable buzzer for audio feedback in Home Automation
suggestive-giraffeGenerates unambiguous, readable, memorable and, most importantly, humorous identifiers for your application! GUIDs with a twist.


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